Industry Overview Affiliate Marketing 2022

1. Top Traffic Types

2. Top Offer Types

we can see:
Nutra, dating and sweepstakes still comprised a large part of the market share, just as they have in previous years.
The real growth happened elsewhere though. Insurance and financial products and services experienced a major boom, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the uncertain times we’ve been living in.
Entertainment-related verticals have seen a steep increase too – including Mobile apps, iGaming and Gambling/Betting.
Online education saw a significant growth as well.
And let’s not forget about covid-related products - protective gear, home testing kits and so on - these are still running strong.
And lastly, Crypto is back and on the rise, which has to do with the recent bull run and increased media presence.

Based on the above data, I would like to give you an overview to help you come up with a sound strategy and choose the correct affiliate offers.